The First Walk of 2012

We began the year with a lovely beach walk. May 2012 be filled with fun, fur and frolicking!


22 responses to “The First Walk of 2012

  1. Looks like they had fun but are badly in need of a bath when they get home. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Dixie is our Poodle in the cartoon without a picture. Our previous Poodle was a rescue toy girl who’d been really badly treated by a breeder in a puppy mill. We had her for 6 years & gave her a real life of luxury to try & compensate for the terrible 1st 4 years of her life. She got really sick at age 10 & passed away. We will always miss her as she was such a sweetie. I post a Doggy Saturday post each Saturday so feel free to drop by any time.

  2. Excellent way to start off the New Year!! Mom and I also began the year exercising outside with a good long run..(minus the mud:) I just “followed” your blog and am looking forward to hearing about all your great adventures in the coming year. Happy 2012!

    Tiffy the Yorkie

    • Thanks for subscribing, and hope you enjoy hearing about our adventures! We always do lots of fun things 🙂

    • We got very muddy on that walk! 🙂
      I don’t really like baths, but I don’t like the feel of sand in my fluff either!

    • I think you should get a brown dog like me! Mammy is always having to give the other two extra baths 🙂

    • It’s very muddy but it’s great fun! Sometimes I even roll around in the mud. My mammy is not too happy when I do that! 🙂

  3. Oh I love this, my dog had been to the beach a couple of times but is part Basenji and just hates the water!! He’s such a big wuss!! But he loves the running part…love your photos!

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