A Tourist in my Own City – Part Two: National Botanic Gardens

After our visit to Glasnevin Cemetery, we continued on to the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland.  They were founded in 1795 and are now home to 20,000 living plants. The gardens act as a type of ‘Noah’s Ark’ for plants. Over 300 endangered plant species are housed here, including 6 that are already extinct in the wild.

We spent a peaceful hour or two wandering through the various Victorian glasshouses.  I had fun playing around with my new camera (my Christmas gift from Mr. Fluffy Tufts)!

Here are a few of my favourite images:



Jungle in a Glasshouse

Wooden Owl

Terracotta Display

18 responses to “A Tourist in my Own City – Part Two: National Botanic Gardens

  1. It’s always fun to play tourist in your own city and (re)discover all the hidden gems that remind you of why you chose this place to live. Have fun getting to know your city again and enjoy experimenting with your new camera while you’re at it!

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Love your pictures, all those trees to choose from, I wouldn’t know which to widdle up first!
    My dad’s dad came from Crumlin on the south side of Dublin, I’ve never been but my dad loves going to visit – maybe he’ll take me one day.
    Love Bones

    • I’ll tell my mammy that you said that! She’ll be really pleased.

      I think she shouldn’t waste her time taking photos of stupid plants and she should spend more time taking photos of ME!

      Peace out,

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