Heeeeeerrrrrreeee’s Jimmy!

Hi everyone, I’m Jimmy!

I used to live with another family but I was feeling lonely and really wanted some doggy friends to play with. My new family adopted me and I’m having the best time!

This is a photo of me on my first day with my new family. I went a bit crazy playing with my new brothers, so I had to go in the crate for a little rest.

Jimmy's First Day!

Me and my brothers

I have two dog brothers, Pogo and Casper. Here we are playing on the beach. I’m the one with the muddy face!

I also have a cat sister, Shelli. She’s a bit scary.

I love chewing blankets, but my mammy says it could give me a tummy ache, so she gives me Kongs instead.

I went to school recently and had a great time learning to sit, wait, come and lots of other things.

The teacher, Lisa, took this photo of me learning not to jump on strangers. It is really great because if you just sit down and wait nicely instead of jumping, then the stranger will give you a treat! Nom nom.

My newest thing is that I am going to agility classes like my brother Pogo. He says I better not beat him in a competition!

Me doing a 'sit' for another person at school!


20 responses to “Heeeeeerrrrrreeee’s Jimmy!

  1. Hi, Jimmy what a handsome little woofie you are even with mud on your face. We are so happy for you that you now have a nice home and have two woofie brothers and a cat sister to play with. Hugs and nose kisses

    • I am very happy to have a new family too. I did love my old family, but I really really wanted dog brothers. You should see how much fun we have playing 🙂
      Peace Out!

  2. Congratulations on your new family! Cats aren’t that bad, they are fun to chase – we have 3 of them going in different directions to keep us busy and their food is yummy. – Lulu & Sofie of DogDaz

    • I don’t know about cats. I think Shelli’s lovely, but whenever I run up to her she tries to put needles in me!!!!!
      Peace Out!

    • I’m still learning myself. They are kind of like us but they have triangle ears and they are really good at climbing. You have to be careful because they have needles in their paws and sometime they will stick them in you!!!
      Peace Out!

      • Gosh I hope I never meet one because they sound awfully scary. I think the paw needles would hurt and triangle ears sound like something a dog abducting species of aliens would have. We need to band together Jimmy & present a united doggy alliance to rid the world of these evil cat creatures that you speak of.

    • I can’t tell you how I got so muddy in case my mammy reads it, and then she’ll know what I’m up to!
      She always wonders how I have mud all over me when the other dogs don’t 🙂
      Peace Out!

    • Pogo and Casper are sooooo jealous that you put the award on my page!! I’m feeling really proud.

      Thanks a million!
      Peace Out!

  3. Hey Jimmy, nice to meet you! Glad you got a new family with brothers to play with, so now you wont be lonely any more.
    I think you like getting dirty!

    • I LOVE getting dirty! My mammy says she doesn’t know how I do it cos I am always the dirtiest dog 🙂

      I am having lots of fun with my new family and I am looking forward to my agility class on Sunday!
      Peace Out!

  4. Jimmy, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I have a little furry friend named Roxy who would be tickled pink to play with you! It looks like you’re learning lots of new things. Good for you! 🙂

    • I LOVE learning! Everyone says that I’m really clever and I feel very proud of myself. I am getting good at agility and maybe one day I could even be in a competition! 🙂

      Peace Out!

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