Beach Dogs – The Last Walk of 2011

We are very lucky to have a lovely beach not far from our home.  Despite it being very close to a seafront suburb, we have found this beach to be deserted any time we have gone there.  This means we can let the dogs off the lead and they are free to paddle, dig, chase each other (and us!) and generally run amok!

We save this walk for a special treat as The Lads come home covered in sand!  It’s not as bad as it looks because once they have dried off, I can brush them and the sand comes straight off.

We took them here on New Year’s Eve 2011 and filmed their antics.  Here is a little video of The Lads having fun at the beach!

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17 responses to “Beach Dogs – The Last Walk of 2011

    • Thanks so much Lilly Cat! We’ve been spinning round and round wagging our tails really hard ever since mammy told us about the award!! 🙂
      Love and woofs,

  1. Oh my, your lads had a ball on the beach, they were so excited to be there, running all over the place! It was nice to watch them enjoy themselves so much.

  2. Hi!
    You look like you had a lot of fun! What a pretty beach to run on. We wish we lived by a beach like you do. We go to a doggie beach about once a year and we love it when we get to go.

    We love visiting your blog. Keep up the great posts!

    God Bless You!

    The Collies 🙂

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