Rock the Casper!

Hi everyone! I’m Casper the Bichon Frisé!

Sometimes my mammy and daddy call me the biggest baby ever cos I love getting cuddles and sitting on laps.

My daddy is the best human in the world! If I could, I’d follow him everywhere, but dogs are not allowed at daddy’s work so I just wait at home for him.

Looking dapper after a bath!

Snow Beard!

I sometimes do agility with my daddy. I don’t really like heights, so the A-frame and the Dog Walk are a bit scary. I LOVE to jump though.

If I don’t feel like doing agility, daddy takes me to the stream and we go for a paddle. Daddy showed me how to cross on the stepping stones which is great fun.

My brother Pogo is busy with his agility training and doesn’t have much time to play. Luckily, I have a new brother Jimmy and he plays the best games.

Jimmy and I are both white, but I have curly hair and he has straight hair. We’ve a sister too, Shelli the cat. Even though I’m not supposed to, sometimes I chase her. It’s so funny until she sticks needles in me, Ouch!

Snoozing beside my Daddy


15 responses to “Rock the Casper!

    • Hi Louise and Sophie, we should all team up one day and have a massive cat chasing session!
      love and woofs,

    • I like my curls too! My mammy uses special conditioner so my curls are nice and soft. I think I am my daddy’s favourite…even though he says he loves us all the same.
      Love and woofs,

    • The reason I picked that title is cause my mammy and daddy are always singing a really famous song about me called ‘Rock the Casper’ by a band called The Clash. It’s cool to have a song with my name in it!
      Love and woofs,

  1. Hmmm… I am curious about these things you call cats Casper & I don’t like the sound of the needles. I have to have a needle next week for my 4 months old vaccination. Dixie said something about a bath today too. OK I have to go & share Dixie’s hiding place now.

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