My Mother and Practical Jokes!

My mother…I called her Rita…was a terrible messer.  She was always game for a laugh and made it her mission to try and trick people!

One year, we were teaching together at a primary school.  It was just after the Christmas holidays.  Teachers and children alike were suffering from the post-Christmas blues.  Rita popped her head round my door.  She had a plan!  Something that was sure to bring fun and laughter back into the dismal corridors filled with faded christmas decorations that had yet to be taken down.

We headed down to the basement to where the props for the nativity play were stored.  There it was…a huge toy horse complete with nodding head!  Not quite life-sized but pretty close.  We lugged it up several flights of stairs and began our prank.

The horse was carefully placed outside the first classroom door.  Then we knocked and ran!  (Hard to believe that we were supposed to be responsible adults!)  The ensuing hilarity was brilliant! Kids shrieking with delight! The teacher’s shocked screech and struggle to hold back a swear word!  And there we were, Rita and I, peering out from our hiding place doubled up with laughter.

We managed to catch a good few teachers in this way before word spread round the school.  This did not deter Rita.  She just upped her game.

Next, we placed the horse in the staff room in front of a cup of tea.  Then, outside the teacher’s toliet ready to shock the unsuspecting teacher inside.  It was around corners…peering over the top of the stairs…in the library.  Each time, better than the trick before.

Finally, Rita came up with the most elaborate trick of all.  She waited until the principal was otherwise occupied.  Carefully and quietly, we bundled the horse into the office and plonked it behind the desk with the phone up to its ear.  We left it there waiting to give its biggest surprise of all.  Thankfully, the principal saw the funny side of it, but poor Ginger was locked away in a cupboard after that!


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