I Miss my Nana Rita

Pogo and his Nana RitaIt is two years today since my human granny, Nana Rita,  died. My mammy and I are really missing her and we’re feeling very sad.  Casper and Jimmy never met her, so they don’t really understand.

Nana Rita was a really cool granny.  I first met her on the day mammy came to get me.  It was a long drive home, so Nana Rita drove and I curled up on mammy’s lap.  Nana Rita showed mammy how to make cool toys for me and she played with me and Shelli.

The first Christmas, mammy had to go away and myself and Shelli stayed at Nana Rita’s house.  It was snowing so she bought me a little jacket to keep me warm and dry.  I still have it!  It is yellow with blue edges.  It had a hood but I didn’t like that so Nana Rita cut the hood off for me.

Mammy was back in time for Santa and we all stayed at Nana Rita’s and had a yummy dinner and presents and everything.  Lots of visitors came and Nana Rita said ” This is my lovely little grandpup”.  Everyone said I was the hit of Christmas!  I don’t think any pup could have felt happier in the whole world.

Once I went for a very special day out with mammy and Nana Rita.  Nana munchy (my dog granny) was there too.  It was great fun.  There were lots of stalls selling things for dogs.  We had lunch and I sat on Nana Rita’s lap and had a rest and a cuddle.  (That is us in the photo).

Later, there was a fun dog show.  Nana Rita was so proud of me when I won ‘dog the judge would most like to take home’.  Munchy won ‘best groomed’ so we were all delighted.  Our prizes were big bags of dog food, but we decided to donate the food to a dog rescue so we could help some dogs that were not as lucky as us.  It was a lovely happy day!

Tonight, mammy and I will sit on the couch together and remember the happy times we spent with Nana Rita.


11 responses to “I Miss my Nana Rita

  1. awe. it’s so hard to have to say goodbye to those we love and adore! my heart aches for you, but i am glad you have wonderful memories to sustain you!

  2. That is sad & I’m sure you & your Mummy miss her lots. It was about a year ago that my human Nanna Barbie died too. She is Mummy’s Mummy (Double word score for me) & it was a very hard time for everybody in our family. Poppy Keith still often gets upset & cries a lot. Lots of hugs & licks to you & your family at this sad time of the year.

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  4. Another really lovely post! You discovered my little personal travel blog recently, which is how I know about your blog. But you might also enjoy my professional blog (I’m an editor by trade)? I’m afraid if I leave a link I’ll end up in your spam folder, so let’s try this. It’s WWW (dot) readplayedit (dot) com. Hope you enjoy! I am cruising through your posts for ideas for my next trip across the pond (in May), which will be almost entirely spent in Dublin.

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