The Funeral Cat

The Funeral Cat

Rita always had a way with animals and they loved her as much as she loved them.  When my brother and I were planning the funeral ceremony, we joked that the only thing missing were the animals.

When we arrived at the church, what did we see skulking around the car park, only this beautiful black cat.  It got braver and made it’s way to the church porch where it rubbed people’s ankles as they arrived.

During the funeral, Jonathan and I saw a movement in the aisle and looked down to see the cat confidently striding up the aisle towards the coffin. It stared at the coffin for a moment, and then looked towards us with gentle eyes. It stayed near us for the rest of the ceremony and we felt very comforted by it’s presence.

After the funeral, people discussed the cat at length.  People had many different ideas and beliefs as to why a cat was at the funeral.  Some believed that the cat represented all animals and was coming to the funeral to pay it’s respects.  Others thought the cat was Rita in disguise coming to see who was attending her funeral!  Then there were some who believed that Rita had sent the cat to give us all a sign that all was well for her.  And of course, there were those who believed it to be nothing but a well-timed coincidence.

What ever the reason, the actions of this little black cat provided a church full of people with comfort and hope during a very sad time.


18 responses to “The Funeral Cat

    • This cat’s visit was definitely a positive thing. I always look out for black cats, and they now have a habit of appearing just when I need a bit of comfort or hope.

  1. So sorry to hear of Rita’s passing.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I think the cat could have quite possibly have been Rita, there in animal spirit to comfort everyone, or indeed, as a representative for all animals to pay their respects. I love this story.

    That cat looks very much like my Carlie. I will post some pictures to my blog in just a few days.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and the Comment. 😉 Always nice to make new friends.


  2. What a nice pussy cat to be there to comfort people. I hope he left his paw pins at home. Also I have some news that we have now left Blogger & are on WordPress. So just click my name to go to out new site. Daddy transferred all our posts over as well.

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