I’m Ready for my Close-up!

I’m always experimenting with different ways of taking photos of The Lads. Recently, I tried holding the camera low to the ground and tilting upwards to try and capture them from an unusual angle.

I was really pleased with the results, though at times, they ended up far too close to the camera! Here are a few of the out-takes:

Pogo Posing
Pogo's eye!
Casper's Mouth

12 responses to “I’m Ready for my Close-up!

  1. When I clicked the 1st one for the large view it looked like he was about to come out of the screen at me. Very effective photos. I was going to do a similar thing for this week’s Doggy Saturday for a Dog’s Eye View of the world.

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  3. We like photos taken at doggy eye level… give a much better pawspective. We are mostly short pups and nowhere near 5 or 6 feet tall like some of you humans!!

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