“Awesome Blog Content” Award – How exciting!

Hi everyone! It’s Jimmy here. I’m doing today’s post.

Recently, we won another award! Me and my brothers were so excited. We were spinning and twisting all over the place.  We decided together that I would take the job of writing about this award!

Firstly, I must thank Sonel for nominating Fluffy Tufts for the Awesome Blog Content” Award.

The Rules for this award are:

ONE: Share something about you, alphabetically!  Just a word or two about you starting with each alphabet letter!

TWO: Nominate worthy bloggers for this award, no limit how many you forward it to.

Here is the A-Z of the Fluffy Tufts gang:

A : Agility: We LOVE our agility training.  Click to read more about agility!

B : Butter (The Peanut kind!): Peanut butter is delicious.  Recipe for Peanut Butter Balls!

C : Clicker: Mammy uses a clicker to teach us new tricks! It’s great fun. 

D : Daddy: He is the coolest man in the universe.  Here we are walking with Daddy!

E : Energetic:  We have loads of energy and love to run and play.  A video of Pogo and Casper playing in snow!

F : Fluffy:  We have lots of fluff.  Sometimes you can’t tell where one of us ends and the next one begins!

G : Gale-force Winds:  Mammy and Daddy take us out even when it’s windy.  We love the feel of the wind in our fur.  A Windy Walk

H : Happy:  We have a happy life.  Click to see our happy faces!

I : Ireland:  This is where we are from.  There are lots of interesting things to see and do here for both humans and dogs!

J : Jumping:  Pogo was the first of us to discover the fun in jumping.  Read more about him here!

K : Kong:  You can’t go wrong with a stuffed Kong!

L : Laughter:  You will here a lot of that at our house.  We like to joke around and have fun.

M : Mammy:  Our mammy loves us very much.  She wrote a poem for us!

N : Nervous:  Casper is very nervous of people and other dogs.  He often wears a Thundershirt to help him feel more confident.

O : Oven:  Mammy uses this to make yummy treats for us!  Recipe for Dog Cookies!

P : Piggy:  Some people say that I’m a little piggy in a dog costume.  I do have a curly tail, I do love mud, but I’m NOT a pig.

Q : Quick:  Even though we are small, we are very quick!  People call me a Pocket Rocket! Check out my moves!

R : Rita:  Rita was our human Nana who died.  Pogo and Shelli knew her and always talk about her.

S : Shelli:  She is the prettiest cat in the world!  Click to see photos of Shelli!

T : Twitter:  Pogo (@Pogo_The_Poodle) has his own twitter account because he is the oldest!  He wrote a blog about twitter.

U : Unforgettable:  We will never forget our visit from Santa!  He brought us Nylabones!

V : Videos:  Mammy likes to film us and make videos of us.  Click to see them!

W : Water:  We love splashing and paddling in water.  Here we are frolicking at the beach!

X : X-ray:  None of us have ever had to have an x-ray yet, and hopefully we never will!

Y : Youtube:  We love to make movies and put the up on our Youtube Channel.

Z : Zzzzzz:  Nothing like a good snooze after a busy day!  Let sleeping dogs lie!

Here are our nominations:

1. Passionate about Pets and People:  Barb is the author of this lovely blog which celebrates the bond between humans and animals.

2. Click Trick Dogs: This informative blog details the journey of a young dog trainer trying to be the best she can be.

3. Tales from the Training Centre:  Lots of really good training information most especially the posts about Therapy Dog Training.

4. ArignaGardener: An enchanting blog detailing life on a smallholding in Ireland.

5. DogDaz: This blog is bursting at the seams with cute photos and animal adventures!

6. Rob Slaven Photography:  Check out Rob’s blog for stunning photos!


15 responses to ““Awesome Blog Content” Award – How exciting!

  1. Well Jimmy, you did a great job of writing this post! You and your brothers are just so adorable and I love your videos! Have fun! 🙂 *hugs*

  2. Congratulations on the award guys, you deserve it for your wonderfully entertaining blog!
    And thanks for passing it on, I’m tickled pink to receive it!

  3. Jimmy, What a great honor for you, your brothers & your mammy — you have a super and entertaining blog. Thanks also for the nomination! Now I need to come up with a new series now that I’ve completed TDI 🙂 Congratulations!

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