Four Dogs, Two Humans and One Trip to the Vet!

We had an interesting evening recently, when we decided to bring our FOUR canines to the vet in the one trip! Poor old Munchy has a recurring cough, which had flared up again, and with her being sixteen years old, you can’t be too careful.  The Lads were all due their vaccinations so we thought we would bring them along too.

I spent the day worrying about how to manage the logistics of bringing all four in at the same time. When Mr Fluffytufts arrived home, we talked through a few scenarios: bringing them in two at a time, one human waiting in the car while the other went in and out to the surgery etc. In the end, we decided to bite the bullet and go for it! All four dogs at the same time!

Vet ClinicAfter all my worrying, things actually went really well. By chance, when we arrived a man and his dog were leaving, so that left only one set of customers in the waiting room. They were a middle-aged couple with a cat and a dog.  Before they saw us, they were sheepishly apologising for have two animals with them. The sight of us with four dogs milling around our ankles stopped them mid-sentence!

Soon, it was our turn. Casper was up first. He has severe anxiety issues and unfortunately, is terrified of the vet. For everyone’s safety, he wore his muzzle. Despite the precaution, I still ended up with a few claw marks as he tried desperately to get away. Unfortunately, the injection was actually the easy part as the kennel cough vaccine is administered by squirting it up the nose. I asked Mr Fluffytufts to go in and hold Casper instead, and amazingly, he calmed right down and barely squirmed at all despite the vet being right in his face. So it will be Mr Fluffytufts’ job to take Casper in in future!

Next, it was Jimmy’s turn. As I lifted him up onto the table, I noticed a tiny tick on the top of his head. Great timing, as the vet kindly removed it for me at no extra charge! The downside is that he must have picked it up in our back garden, so I’ll need to check everyone regularly. Jimmy’s vaccinations were over and done with in the blink of an eye!

That left Munchy and Pogo! Pogo was in his travel box, and Munchy is no trouble at all, so Mr Fluffytufts took the other lads back to the car. Pogo was the most straightforward…out of the carrier, wiggle at the vet, injection done, little yelp, hug from Mammy, squirt up the nose, confused snort, another hug from Mammy and back in the box!

Last, but not least, it was darling Munchy’s turn. The vet listened to her heart and confirmed it is strong and steady considering her age. He said that there is a lot of crackling in the lungs so she is back on her bronchial dialators. He also gave her a course of antibiotics to help clear her lungs quicker. I was delighted to hear that he thought she was in a good way apart from her crackly lungs, so hopefully, she will be with us for a good while longer.

And that was that! Off home we went, with our four dogs and a considerably lighter wallet!

How do your pets react at the vets? Or do you have any vet visiting tips you would like to share?


11 responses to “Four Dogs, Two Humans and One Trip to the Vet!

  1. Get well soon Munch! Wow 4 dogs at once? You are BRAVE! i am blessed that both my cat and my dog are great at the vet.

    I try to be super calm (no matter what we are going there for) I also get my dog groomed at the vet so that when he goes he never knows if he is going for grooming or an actual “appointment”

    For my cat I keep his carrier out all the time…I play music in the car and sing (yeah I am nuts but it works) and make it all “happy” I have never had a problem with any of my pets at the vet. Thank goodness!

    • Poor old Casper is the first dog I’ve had with serious vet issues, though once, many years ago, our family dog Molly the Collie was so nervous that she had the squits all over the examination table. I’d never my mother look so embarrassed! 😉

      And you are very right, I find that keeping as calm and matter-of-fact as possible goes a long way to making vet trips a lot easier!

    • Using the car as a waiting room was one of our back-up plans, but we had to park on the road a good bit away from the clinic, so I was a bit nervous of leaving them unattended there.

    • It wasn’t as stressful as I was expecting, though we were lucky to be the only customers in the waiting room. Had there been other people there, I think I would be writing a whole different blog post! 😀

  2. So I got frustrated with taking two cat crates with my big-boned kitties to the vet (littermates, same vaccination dates) so opted for one big crate. The girls had something against the concept of even weight distribution so carrying the crate while they were readjusting their 15 lb selfs was a bit awkward. Actually I kind looked drunk trying to walk with the thing.
    Taking four critters to the vet at a time – you have my respect and admiration.

    • The image of you lurching to the vet with a crate full of squirming cats made me smile! 🙂

      I think we’ll try to stagger the visits in future. It’ll be easier on us all, especially my poor wallet!

  3. We have six cats. I wouldn’t be able to get them all in carriers to the vet’s at once! And especially because of the cost … you’re wise to make the visits a few months apart if you can.
    I hope Muchy’s cough continues to improve. 🙂

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