Favourite Images – Cee’s Photo Challenge

Fluffytufts will be taking part in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge!  This week the theme is “Favourite Images”. I really enjoy photography and love loads of my photos so I found it difficult to narrow things down. I decided to go with two images that make me feel like a “real” photographer, rather than a random eejit with a camera!

I took this photo way back in 2001, when I was taking a photography module in college as part of my Media Degree. I had been photographing my brother’s band and managed to capture this shot. It was one of the first photos where I really thought “Yes! I am a photographer”!

Rock Star

Fast forward over ten years to this next shot! My foray into the world of photography was a very hazy memory. For Christmas 2011, I received the gift of a new camera from Mr Fluffytufts.  I felt self-concious and shy at first…like I was an imposter or a fake. Then I took this shot and was reminded that I am not a random eejit with a camera…”I am a photographer”!



7 responses to “Favourite Images – Cee’s Photo Challenge

  1. Fabulous photos. I can empathise with feeling like a but if an imposter, but you so cleary aren’t. These are gorgeous, and as long as you’re having fun, that’s the main thing.

  2. I haven’t been to your blog before but already I can connect. Your questions as to whether you are a photographer or a fraud is a sure sign of a true artist in motion. I mean this is a very complimentary way. To question your ability is common – then you can delight yourself at every turn of the way. Your first shot here is fantastic. I am not a photographer but I can imagine that portraits are very difficult. You aced it 🙂

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