Me and my Boys (Wordless Wednesday – 17 October 2012)

Me and my Boys!

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22 responses to “Me and my Boys (Wordless Wednesday – 17 October 2012)

    • It was great! I love when Mammy gets the sandpit and the paddling pool out and we all have a great time together! Best of all is when I get a hug from Mammy!

  1. Hey Fluffy Tufts Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Rachel.

    Wow, what fun… their own sandbox! Excuse me a moment… MOOOMMM why don’t JJ and I have a sandbox????

    BTW, we love your name Miss Rachel, it’s my human sister’s name, too!

    • Hi Jet, Pogo the Poodle here! You should totally get your Mum to get you a sand pit. It is such good fun being able to dig without getting in trouble for digging in the flowerbeds!

    • That’s one of the reasons Mammy got the sandpit! Casper was digging the flowerbeds! Now we can dig in the sandpit and Mammy doesn’t get cross!

    • This is just a regular day here at our house! Me and my brothers have loads of fun playing and exploring! 🙂

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