Goodbye, dear Munchy…

Darling Munchy is no longer with us. She had a serious decline in her health and last Saturday morning, we made the decision to let her go. We are heartbroken and will miss her greatly, but it was the right time.

My brother and I have had Munchy in our lives for nearly seventeen years. From a tiny puppy to an elderly old lady, Munchy spent her life being loved by us.

Puppy Munchy - 1996

Munchy - 2007

Munchy - April 2012

Munchy - Hallowe'en 2012

25 responses to “Goodbye, dear Munchy…

  1. Nana Munchy is beautiful and is now a beautiful angel watching over you. Peapod and her will have a wonderful time 2gether OTRB! Never to be forgotten. #RIPMUNCHYANDPEAPOD

  2. Well, you know I feel your pain, as you know Bailey is with me everywhere I go – you know that cause yuor read her blog….So, I want you to talkt o ehr and tell her to visit Bailey over the Rainbow Bridge, as yhou know, Hyfryd is an amazing and magical place….Love to you from here….

  3. Awww, she is just beautiful, they are lovely pictures of her. She looks like my little Poppy who is now an old lady herself.
    It’s hard to make that awful decision to let them go, but we know when it’s time – we had that decision to make with Penny, our Poppy’s sister; it’s never easy. My heart bleeds for you and your hub for the loss of Munchy; I will keep you in my thoughts.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Words can never really say what we feel. For many of us our dogs are really our closest friends, there with us, loving us, through thick & thin. I wish Munchy peace and happiness and you the same.

  5. Don’t think I’ve commented on this blog before, but I just wanted to say I’m really sorry to hear that, it’s so heart breaking to lose your best furry friend.
    I hope you’re comforted by your happy memories with Munchy and knowing that she’s no longer suffering. x

  6. My deepest sympathies. 😦 R.I.P. Munchie. ♥ It never gets any easier, but, time does make it more bearable. Wishing you all the best.

  7. We lost our beloved orange, Persian Sunkist recently. She had 17 loving years with us. She, too, was in failing health so that it was time to let her go. I never feel as though those who die have left. It’s just that they recede into the background…but remain as much alive today as…yesterday.

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