Orange – Cee’s Photo Challenge

Fluffy Tufts is taking part in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge! I am way behind with these, but I will keep plodding along exploring each theme as and when I can!

This time, the theme I am looking at is ‘Orange’. I find orange to be a cheerful colour and also a warm colour. The winter days are drab and dreary here, so I hope these photos will add some warmth and happiness!

Orange Plant at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Dark Orange at the Tea Rooms, Templebar, Dublin

Night Lights in Terenure, Dublin


8 responses to “Orange – Cee’s Photo Challenge

    • Thanks! I am very late with the challenge. It was issued at Halloween, so a lot of people had photos of pumpkins and other Halloweeny things.

      I thought I would struggle to find any orange photos, but turns out I have loads of them in my archives!

    • Thanks!
      The first shows a rare plant in one of the greenhouses at the Botanic Gardens of Ireland. I really need to start writing down the names of the plants that I photograph!

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