Dead Fox

Fox (Photo by John Robinson)A crisp, bright winter morning,
I saw a fox

Sharp teeth glistening white
Glossy, soft auburn fur
Magnificent bushy tail

A second look…

Glassy eyes
Tongue blue and lolling
Deep angry slit across the belly
The hint of intestines
A brutal scene

I cried for her
I couldn’t look away


8 responses to “Dead Fox

  1. You can find the true kind people of this earth, when they can weep for a animal that isn’t theirs, that’s what I think anyways. I always get shivers when I see a animal dead like that, unfortunetly I can not put it into a eloquent poem like yours.

  2. Thanks for your recent thumbs up about my blog; much appreciated from someone who is new to this medium, so your support much appreciated.
    Greetings from a dank, and dark County Meath…
    Robert O’Byrne

  3. Oh, how sad! We hope she did not suffer a lot before dying. Some animals die in such horrible, painful ways. Makes us cry when we see them. Hugs

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