The Arrival of a Sighthound!

Here is a tale that is long overdue. It tells the story of the arrival of our latest pack member, Pippa!

Pippa the WhippetLast year,  Mr Fluffytufts and I decided that there was room in our lives (and our house!) for a fourth dog. This time, we opted to search for a sighthound, given that there are a large amount of these dogs waiting patiently in rescue for their forever home.

Due to the fact that we have two cats and three small fluffy dogs, we needed to find a very special sighthound. We needed a dog who had little to no prey drive and who had been cat-tested. We approached a small rescue called Sighthound Strolls. They only rehome sighthounds, so we figured they would have the expertise to guide us with our decision.

Pippa the Whippet at the Dog ParkWhen we first spoke to them, they were very clear that it could take quite some time to find the right match for us. We prepared ourselves for a long wait and kept busy reading up on sighthounds and raising the garden fences! We were very surprised when less than a week later, we received a call about a possible match.

Pippa (then Indie) was brought to the rescue because she has virtually no prey drive and was no good to her owners as a hunting dog. The scars on her body suggest that it was probably not a happy life for her before coming into rescue.

The first meeting was at her foster home in Meath. I fell in love straightaway but tried not to let that cloud my judgement. We took her for a walk with the Lads and they all got along brilliantly.

Casper and Pippa meeting for the first time!In the end, it was Casper who made the decision. Given all his issues, we knew that it would only work if he was happy with her. Unusually for him, he took to her straightaway and so it was decided… Pippa was the sighthound for us!

Read more about Pippa’s adventures with us in future posts!


18 responses to “The Arrival of a Sighthound!

  1. Good for you and what a happy story. Isn’t it wonderful that you settled in for a wait for one with low (or no) prey drive and then Ta Da! Along came your Pippa! Great new name too. Cheers to you all! Gina

    • Thanks Gina! We love her to bits.
      And you are right, it is funny how things work out. We were sure we would be waiting 6 months to a year to find the right dog, but there she was! 🙂

  2. Pippa is beautiful! It’s great that you can help her have a wonderful home & future. 🙂 I don’t know much about sighthounds, it’ll be fun to follow along to learn more about them!

  3. Hi and thanks for your comments on our blog! Of course you can pin any of my photos 🙂 Well done on bringing Pippa into your hearts and home! She looks gorgeous, a little bit like Asher. You obviously know how lucky you are to get a small dog and cat friendly Greyhound so quickly, lol! Asher didn’t race because he didn’t want to chase stuff but all that has changed since living with Frankie and Beryl and having bunnies to chase in the sand dunes at the beach! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures with Pippa.

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