Fun at the Dog Park!

There is a lovely park close to where I live, Marlay Park. I often walk there with the gang. Sometimes, I will meet friends or my brother and we will sit outside the cafe and have coffee and cake! They do a delicious vanilla latte there.

Marlay Park was one of the first parks in Ireland to open a dedicated dog park. Usually in parks here, dogs are allowed off the lead in any area of the park at certain times of the day. I prefer this method as poor Casper is too anxious and overwhelmed when faced with all the other dogs at the dog park.  It is better for me to wait until the allocated times and choose a quiet area to let him off.

However, since Pippa joined our gang, I have found that I frequent the dog park more often. It is great to have a secure area where she can have a good run and really stretch out her legs. I made a video of a great day that Pippa and I had at the dog park with a friend and her two Swiss Shepherds, Okami and Yuki.

Would love to hear what you think of dedicated dog parks? Are dogs allowed to be off-lead where you live? How do you ensure that your dogs get enough exercise?

7 responses to “Fun at the Dog Park!

  1. Oh Pippa, you found great friends! We sadly have no dog parks in our area, maybe bigger cities have one too. But I wish we would have an area where dogs could run without leash.

    • We are pretty lucky here as we are allowed to let dogs off in all the parks at certain times of the day. We also live close to the mountains and there are lots of great places to walk off-lead there too!

  2. Looks like the dogs had a great time at the dog park!

    We take ours to a dog park not far from home every now and then, but mostly we just take them out on long walks (especially during the weekends). We live in the countryside and can walk for hours on small roads through the fields where the dogs can walk along off lead. We also have a big garden at home where they can run and play during the day and every now and then, we take them on a hiking trip or we arange a play date with other dogs.

      • They’re used to seeing livestock from when they were puppies. Besides over here the fields are all fenced, so they can’t actually get too close to the livestock – even if we have the dogs walking with us off lead. When they see sheep, cows or horses in the fields they don’t actually react to them.

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