Pin the Tail on the Poodle – All about Pinterest!

So, here at Fluffy Tufts we have taken the bold move of joining Pinterest. Let’s get pinning!

Fluffy Tufts blog is now on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network tool that I have never given any consideration to before now. A friend suggested that I join as she thought I would really enjoy it. So last night, I sat down to have a look. I have to say that she is right and I also don’t know why I hadn’t joined before.

I spent an enjoyable hour or two looking through hundreds of pet-related pins. Then, as I started to get to grips with the site, I started to design a few boards of my own. I have lots of ideas for future boards, but didn’t want to go mad pinning everything straight away! These are the boards I am working on so far:

  • Get Fit with Fido: a series of pin showing you lots of ways to keep you and your dog in shape!
  • Tried & Tested: this will feature all the toys, treats and accessories that the Fluffy Tufts gang use!
  • Serious Cattitude!: Cool felines and feline accessories from around the web!
  • DIY Dog Treats: Homemade treat recipes for your canine pal!

What do you think of Pinterest? Have you any recommendations for a Pinterest newbie like me? What kind of boards would you be interested in seeing? Tell me in the comments.

Have a look at the Fluffy Tufts pinterest profile. Follow if you like and we will follow back!

10 responses to “Pin the Tail on the Poodle – All about Pinterest!

  1. Oh I love Pinterest! If you’re a bit like me I would recommend giving yourself a time limit on there! It can get quite addictive, quite fast!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

      • Oops nearly missed this … this is the link to my doggie bits profile (that’s how bad it got! A separate one for me and this!) but I like to call it ‘organized’ 😀

        Can’t wait to see you there!

        Hugs x

  2. I just joined Pinterest as well, but haven’t really spent much time on it yet….I’m trying to avoid getting addicted by not going on there too much! I do need to get more organized on it too though. I just followed you on there.

      • Sorry I didn’t get right back to you on this…just had too much going on, but I planned on replying! thanks for sending the invite to the board through Pinterest, as you can see I accepted. Thanks for including us on there too! I will add some things soon – I haven’t had too much time for Pinterest yet, but I think things are finally settling down a bit now!

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