Doggy Street Photography – Crufts Edition!

Welcome to the latest Doggy Street Photography post! This time I bring you the Crufts 2013 edition!

As many of you know, I had a brilliant day at Crufts last Saturday. Of course, I brought my camera with me and got lots of photos of unsuspecting dogs. It was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel as there were all sorts of dogs everywhere! I have narrowed them down to my favourite six, but keep on eye on the Fluffy Tufts Facebook page for more Crufts photos.

Which of these photos is your favourite? And can you spot the odd one out?!

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Medical Detection Dog at Crufts 2013

Waiting on the benches for his turn in the Breed Ring - Crufts 2013

Pets as Therapy Dog - Crufts 2013

A Happy Dog in the Breed Ring - Crufts 2013

Shopping at Crufts 2013

What's wrong with this picture? - Crufts 2013

Doggy Street Photography – Dublin City

It has been several months since I last posted any doggy street photography!

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We went for a wander around Dublin City yesterday and I managed to get a good few shots of unsuspecting dogs.  They can be a difficult subject to capture as they are invariably racing along and all I end up with us a blur or a streak of fluff! Still, I ended up with a few half-decent dog shots.

Which one is your favourite?

Having fun playing fetch!

A sniffing Schnauzer

A different Schnauzer!

Fundraising Dog!

Jack Russell waiting for owner

Street Photography – Doggy Style: St Patrick’s Day Edition!

Another installment in my Street Photography series in which I attempt to snap unsuspecting dogs! This time I tried to capture canines enjoying the Paddy’s Day festivities.

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And now, on to the photos!

Pogo on his way to see the parade!

Streetwise Dog!

Unsure about all the noise!

Couldn't care less about the parade!

Street Photography – Doggy Style!

When browsing photography blogs recently, I noticed a trend for a particular candid style called Street Photography.  It involves taking a snapshot of unsuspecting passers-by and trying to capture a slice of their life.

“Street photography is a type of documentary photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streetsparksbeaches,mallspolitical conventions and other settings.”  [Wikipedia – Street Photography]

On a recent trip to the seaside town of Howth, I thought I would attempt some street photography of my own, using dogs as my subject matter!  Here are the best captures!

Labrador Tail!

Swimming Spaniels!

Walking in Howth

Running Spaniel!

Shih Tzu in a coat!