Statues and Carvings – Cee’s Photo Challenge

Fluffy Tufts is taking part in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge! I am way behind with these, but I will keep plodding along exploring each theme as and when I can!

This time, the theme I am looking at is statues and carvings. I had a look through my back-catalogue and found a pair of animal statues. It is typical of me to always manage to find an animal when I am out and about, even if it is an inanimate one!

First, we have a beautiful wooden hand-carved owl. He can be seen perching in the victorian glasshouse at the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin. I like the contrast between the glass and metal of the glasshouse and the natural wood used for the carving.

Wooden Owl at Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Then, we have this little squirrel that I spotted on a trip to Dublin zoo. He was such a cute fellow surrounded by all the live animals at the zoo! I like the splash of green in the background as it helps to make the squirrel stand out.

Squirrel Statue at Dublin Zoo

A Windy Evening Walk

The other evening, we enjoyed a blustery evening walk.  Though the days are getting longer, the sun is still setting around 5 – 5.30 ish. The sky was amazing and created a very magical feel to our walk.  We got back to the car just as dusk was settling in.  We would have loved to stay longer, but we hadn’t brought a torch or The Lads’ high-vis vests.  Here are a few of my favourite photos:

Casper running

All my Lads!

Casper the Bichon Frise

Heading back to the car