Pogo at the Beach! (Wordless Wednesday – 23 April 2014)

Pogo at the Beach

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Fluffiness, Facebook and a Birthday!

birthday_dog1The blog has been a little quiet over the last several weeks.  I guess sometimes life places too many demands on us and this means that something has got to go on the back burner!  I have missed posting here, reading your comments and visiting your blogs.  Thankfully, things have calmed down a little and I look forward to sharing more photos, adventures, videos, recipes etc with you all!

New Year’s Day 2013 marked the one-year anniversary of the Fluffy Tufts blog!  It has been an interesting year with many changes, some good (A New Home and the arrival of Venus) and some not so good (the passing of our beloved Munchy).  A number of you have been following us right from the beginning and many others have joined in along the way.  I would like to thank each and every one of our followers, as without you all, there would be no reason or purpose in continuing.

Finally, I would just like to let you all know that we now have a Facebook page.  The regular posts will resume here on the blog, so if you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry!  The Facebook page will highlight some of the popular posts from the archives, animal cuteness from the internet and BONUS photos/info from the Fluffy Tufts gang!

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A Letter From America!

Hi Everyone! It’s Pogo here! I’m going to be doing the post today. 

Pogo got a parcel!

The other day, I got a parcel from America! Unfortunately, Mammy wasn’t home when the postman called and I couldn’t reach the door handle to let him in.

We had to walk to the sorting office to collect it. I was a little worried because they said they needed to see ID, but I don’t have any! Luckily, they let us have it without any problems.

I couldn’t wait to get home and open it!

To Pogo, From Frankie

I had attended a #PawPawty on twitter recently and was lucky enough to win a prize. I knew the parcel contained my mystery prize, but I hadn’t got a clue what it could be.

Mammy helped me to open the parcel. Firstly, there was an envelope that said “To Pogo, From Frankie”

Doggy Postcard

In the envelope, there was a lovely note from Frankie congratulating me for winning the prize at the #PawPawty.

There was also a really cool doggy postcard.  I think that it is made of rawhide and that you can eat it, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it out yet!

Tough Turtle

I rooted through all the layers of tissue until I reached the prize. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a Tough Turtle!

I have never seen a toy like this in any pet shop in Ireland. I love it so much!

The really cool thing about this turtle is that there are three baby turtles hiding in the shell!

Saturday Style – Valentinos Dog Boutique

Hi everyone! Pogo here, I’ll be posting today!

I was telling you all before that mammy let me join Twitter.  Well, I have over 800 friends there now! Can you believe it?!

One of my good friends is Dhyani Crawford (@Valentinos_DogB).  She runs a really cool shop for dogs where you can buy all sorts of really cool things.  I’ve made a wish list of all the things that I think a hip-and-happening young dog should get.  I better start saving my pocket money!

Grrr Red and Black Stripey Tee1 – Grrr Red/Black Stripey Tee

If you are the kind of dog that is happy to wear clothes then this t-shirt is for you.  I am a cool dude boy dog and I don’t want a cissy outfit, but this t-shirt really sums up my attitude.

The red and black combination is very striking and will complement any fur colour.   I think it looks a bit like Denis the Menace’s jumper and you can’t go wrong with looking like him!

Skull and Crossbones Charm2 – Skull and Crossbones Collar Charm

This collar charm will certainly go a long way to reinforce your Bad Dog status!  It would look great teemed with a Studded Collar.

For that special occassion or to impress the lady in your life, spike up your fur with Pet Head Barkin’ Blue Hair Gel.  I wonder if they have green gel that I could use on Paddy’s Day!

Army Camo Dumbell3 – Army Camo Dumbell Toy

This is a really cool toy. It’s army coloured so you could pretend you could play “bomb sniffer dog” and pretend you were in the army!  It’s got two squeakers in it too.

After all that playing, you might be thirsty. I would recommend getting the Road Refresher Bowl.  The cool thing about this bowl is that you can even have it in the car and it won’t spill!. It also stops your beard and ears getting wet.

Bosworth Pet Bed4 – Bosworth Leather Bed

After a night on the town strutting your stuff, this bed is a must to come home to.  It is available in chocolate or black.  I prefer the chocolate myself, but that is because my fur is brown!

In my opinion, nothing looks more slick and grown-up than a faux-leather dog bed.  You can get it in a larger size so there’s room for two!

Pop down to Valentinos Dog Boutique to see all the other cool doggy items!

A New Venture – Rachel Maria Kelly Designs

Please join me as I undertake my new venture.  I make hand-crafted crochet items for humans and their dogs!

Connect with Rachel Maria Kelly Designs:

RMK Designs

Chirpy Chirpy, Cheep Cheep!

Pogo writing a blog postHi everyone! Pogo here!

I have some interesting news!  The other day, my mammy decided that I am old enough to be on Twitter!

It is really exciting being on Twitter. I am following a lot of people and finding out lots of new information.

I have over 70 people following me! My aim is to have more followers than Charlie Sheen!

If you’d like to follow me, you can find me @Pogo_The_Poodle.  Here is my most favourite tweet that I have put up so far!

Photobomb Tweet